Episode 32: Learn tips to build a profitable online business platform with expert Juliet Clark

December 14, 2018

Building a profitable online business platform is crucial in today's marketplace. Having the right strategy in place is even more important and platform and marketing expert Juliet Clark shares her top tips for what to do and what not to do when building your platform. Take the free assessment at http://promoteprofitpublishquiz.com . Learn more about Juliet and her work at http://www.superbrandpublishing.com 


Episode 31: Got a burning desire to write a book? Dallas Woodburn shares her best tips.

December 7, 2018

Writing a book can seriously up your game in business and lend expert credibility yet many people never get started or a lack of confidence stands in their way. Enter Dallas Woodburn, the Book Doula. She shares her best tips on why your should write, how to fit it into your busy schedule and how to trust your material. Get her free Masterclass at www.bookbreakthroughmasterclass.com You can also find Dallas at www.yourbookbreakthrough.com 


Episode 30: Steffani LeFevour wants you to live your happy life. On today’s episode she shares how to live with greater fulfillment and happiness.

November 23, 2018

Steffani LeFevour, best selling author of You Are A Badass Mom is passionate about helping women live their happiest life. She shares her story and strategies to overcome challenges in business. Woman or man, her message of mastering the law of attraction and finding bliss will resonate. Get her special offer at www.badassmorningroutine.com  You can learn more about Steffani at www.myhappilife.com


Episode 29: Tom Jackobs shares how to create and share impact stories in the sales process

November 8, 2018

Are you using the power of storytelling in your sales process for greater impact? Tom Jackobs is the expert at teaching you the power of storytelling and creating an impact in the sales process to sell your product or service. He also shares how to craft your story in the right structure to sell and help grow your business. You can download his free book at www.TomJackobs.com/storybook. You can also find Tom at http://tomjackobs.com/ 


Episode 28: Give yourself permission to leap with best selling author Bri Seeley

October 25, 2018

Are you giving yourself permission to leap and activate your soul's path? Bri Seeley shares her insights and wisdom with you on how to activate and get into action in your business and nuggets from her best selling book Permission To Leap. Meet your future self on Bri's meditation at meditation.briseeley.com. You can also find Bri at https://www.briseeley.com/ 


Episode 27: Annette shares 4 reasons why you should consider hiring a coach to help you grow your business.

October 18, 2018

Running a business can be hard work and doing it alone can be even harder. A professional buisness coach is a business investment that you must make to move you forward. In today's episode Annette shares 4 key reasons that you should consider hiring a business coach. If you are interested in a complimentary 10K Challange appointment with Annette follow this link: https://my.timetrade.com/book/HCJ4R. Also, check out the tour of the Badass In Business Academy at http://badassinbusinessacademy.com/myguidedtour/


Episode 26: Finance and Profitability Expert, Eric Rosenberg shares ideas on how to turn your side hustle into your full time business and be profitable

October 10, 2018

Finance and Profitability expert Eric Rosenberg turned his side hustle into a profitable business. He shares his experience and expertise to help you build a profitable business. Get Eric's free course at https://personalprofitability.com/bootcamp/. You can learn more about Eric at https://ericrosenberg.com/ 


Episode 25: Could you use some Mind Magic in your business? Professional magician, Victoria Mavis, shares the magic in this episode.

October 3, 2018

This episode will blow you away with a different way of looking at business; from the perspective of show business and magic. Internationally known magician and podcaster, Victoria Mavis shares how you can experience Mind Magic in your business and in your life. You can find Victoria's new book How Podcasting Can Change Your Life at https://amzn.to/2vg9ttq. Learn more about Victoria at www.victoria-mavis.com and listen to her Pure Mind Magic Podcast https://victoriamavis.podbean.com/


Episode 24: Are you wanting to write a book? Susan Baracco shares the 3 biggest challenges and how to tackle them

September 26, 2018

Do you have a goal to write a book or write a new book to showcase your business expertise? Susan Baracco shares how writing a book can benefit your business, how much time, money and effort you can expect, and the 3 biggest challenges authors face and how to overcome them. Get your complementary 30 minute brainstorming session with Susan at https://www.storyarchitectforwomen.com/30minbrainstorm. Learn more about Susan at https://www.storyarchitectforwomen.com/ 


Episode 23: Jason Swenk shares his expertise on business systems and which are critical in business

September 20, 2018

Do you have the right systems set up in your business to achieve success? What is a messenger bot? Jason Swenk shares his insights into these two questions and much more. You can find more about Jason at http://swenkit.com. You can find his podcast at http://smartagencymasterclass.com  and his youtube show at http://youtube.com/jasonswenk